Branding + Identity​​​​​​​
Creating the home of posh pot.
Canna Curious Club  Founded in 2015 in London, and fuelled by a curiosity for a thriving new industry, Canna Curious Club is more than just a lifestyle brand. Through highly curated social media content and engagement and a global Arts & Events Program, Canna Curious Club stands out as the voice of ‘civilized disobedience’ amid the new legal cannabis market.
"A little hashtag can truly go a long way, especially if it represents an innovative idea."
"With that, it’s my belief that the #PoshPot movement played an integral role in carving out a new niche in the cannabis industry; an “elevated” lifestyle for style-conscious and discreet tokers. That’s where creative collective Canna Curious Club comes in.
Created by London native Marina De Salis in 2015, she coined the ingenious hashtag, which has arguably become a mainstay on social media. Its influence is undoubtedly reflected in her content, which covers all facets of the industry, from products to movers and shakers. It speaks to the shift we’ve seen in society and I personally can’t wait to see it continue along this positive path.
- Camille Chacra, Allume
Two old souls on a modern stage
granville & parham  Old school friends with a passion for unconventional re-telling of old classics. The new logo and brand identity design was inspired by timeless line art and Art Nouveau.
Gather, sip, repeat. 
sundown society  The world of wine can be confusing, elitist and intimidating. Sundown Society is a simple and welcoming online boutique, specializing in a range of wine provisions to enhance your knowledge and experience of enjoying wine at home.
New kids on the block.
ernest hathaway associates  A fresh and approachable new website, for a young headhunting start-up, inspired by the team’s friendly and relaxed work ethic.
Reinventing a local hero. 
luxury interiors  Despite an impressive portfolio and well-known reputation in the local area, Luxury Interiors was lacking a recognisable visual identity. The new brand came to life across a set of marketing tools, including stationery, large format signage and client-focused print materials.
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